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Hotel Cubanacan Viramas
The 2 star Hotel Viramas is located in the vicinity of Viramas Lagoon and Leonaro Reservoir, right in the area that constitutes the second largest wetland in Cuba. Given the conditions of the place, it is obviously an ideal place for hunting and fishing.
In this sense, the Viramas hotel has become a meeting place for hunting and fishing enthusiasts. In the case of the first, they have at their disposal a large number of ducks, pigeons and quail, while the latter can concentrate on fishing shads and other species that live naturally in the area.
For those who do not have their own equipment, the hotel rents the pistols and projectile boxes at 10 CUC each. The validation of the license for hunting costs about 25 CUC.
In addition to the above, Hotel Viramas has a programme of ecological excursions, a swimming pool and a small restaurant specializing in traditional Cuban dishes, as well as a bar. Being a small and quite simple installation, of rural aspect, it only has 20 rooms in the main building and other 4 covered cabins, all equipped very basically with telephone, air conditioning, TV and mini-bar.
Good destination for those interested specifically in hunting and fishing. For the rest of the visitors it can be a bit boring, given its position away from the main cities and towns.
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