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Hotel Gaviota Villa Maguana
The Hotel Villa Maguana is an almost unique option for those who want to rest in a remote and solitary country setting, 22 kilometers from Baracoa, without doubt a perfect place for a romantic getaway (if you both like nature) or with several couples of friends.
Playa Maguana, which is located in front of the hotel, has been described as one of the most beautiful in Cuba. For the rest, there are four other excellent beaches in the area, attractive for those who like diving because only 180 meters from the coast is a coral reef of great beauty and variety of species.
In addition to the beach, the hotel has a well-rural environment, with several mountains of dense forests behind them, which can be traveled on excursions and are home to dissimilar species of flora and fauna. Among the main sites to visit is the Humboldt Park, as well as the famous Toa Blades or the Duaba, Miel and BŠez rivers.
The hotel is made up of four wooden cabins with four rooms each, so you will hardly find more than 40 visitors there. The rooms, although small and somewhat uncomfortable for those with demanding tastes, have air conditioning, hot and cold water, safe, minibar, television and telephone.
In addition, the site has a cafeteria, bar and restaurant with simple and unpretentious offers, although acceptable, prepaid Internet, games room and national and international telephony. It does not have a nightclub but those who have cars can get to Baracoa and look for some fun there.
In general, a resting place in the middle of nature, perfect for those who seek to escape for a few days and indulge in the tranquility of the beautiful solitary places.

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