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Hotel Gaviota Porto Santo
The 3-star Hotel Porto Santo is located at the end of Baracoa Bay, 3 km from the city, and has excellent views of the bay and the town, as well as a small beach in the vicinity of which there is a replica of the famous "Cruz de Parra", right in the same place where Cristóbal Colón planted the original, in 1492.
The building, built in 1986, resembles a small Caribbean resort, with an open lobby with rustic airs and a very rural elegance. Inside is the restaurant "La Santa María", which offers international cuisine a la carte and buffet. It also has the Ranchón Bahía, a snack bar that offers cocktail services, drinks in general, light meals and barbecue.
In addition, the Porto Santo has various day and night activities, with highlights for the nights with Caribbean, Cuban, Afro-Cuban and Baracoan themes. On the other hand, the lake-shaped pool is a real attraction, especially from June to October, when temperatures are warmer.
The hotel also offers medical services, national and international telephony, gym, games room, pool tables, prepaid Internet, laundry service, car rental and parking.
Being located in an area rich in nature, those staying at the Porto Santo can rent different ecological excursions that will take you to walk the mountains, contemplate the famous viaduct of La Farola or tour the Toa river in the rustic but safe cayucas.
As for rooms, the hotel has 60. All of them are equipped with private bathroom, satellite TV, safe and telephone, terrace and balcony, as well as air conditioning.
In general, it is an excellent option to rest and breathe fresh air in the easternmost province of Cuba. Maybe the cleanliness is not 100% perfect, but otherwise the reviews are positive about the Hotel Porto Santo.

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