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Hotel Islazul Caimanera
The Hotel Caimanera is a small 3 star hotel located in a fishing village of Guantánamo Bay. It has the attraction of being very close to the Naval Base of Guantanamo, occupied by the United States, and of being a perfect destination for those who enjoy the quiet places facing the sea.
Founded in 1992, the hotel Caimanera recalls the typical colonial wooden houses of two floors built on stilts, with a very simple and natural decoration. Being located on a hill, it has a panoramic view of the Bay and the town of Caimanera.
In the restaurant you can enjoy a wide variety of traditional dishes of Cuban cuisine. You will also have access to the cafeteria, the bar, the swimming pool, a gallery about the Naval Base and the viewpoint. Also, you can make excursions and tours along the areas of Las Guásimas, Cerro Guayabo and the Cerrones inlet, where you will find evidence of the existence of aborigines and other archaeological finds, as well as witness the spectacle of the French Tumba, folkloric expression of the Franco-Haitian influence in the area.
The hotel also has a nightclub, laundry service, games room, national and international telephony and a store of essential items. In addition, it has 19 comfortable and air-conditioned rooms that include hot and cold water, radio, telephone and TV.
Well-known for the warm treatment of its workers, the Hotel Caimanera is a fantastic option to relax in one of the most oriental ends of Cuba, with the plus of being in a perfect area for traditional fishing.
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